About Us

Music academy of Sattari attempts to open new windows to develop music art and train students and those interested in music in three field of Azerbaijani, Iranian, and classic European music for all the age group by using skillful and well-known music teachers in the region of north-west of the country. This academy intends to make the people familiar with music art academically while interestingly from their childhood to their adulthood by creating a scientific and spiritual environment and by applying new instruction methods and instruments. Proper train of hearing skills since childhood, get familiar with music theory scientifically, help to select proper music field (playing or singing) in proper age. Deal with group activities, help the students to deeply understand and recognize music, on one hand, and create a secure, joyful environment with ethics and spirituality on the other hand are of main concerns of the management of the music academy of Sattari. Briefly. Our purposes include:
– Create a proper ground to instruct music art with scientific and academic approaches
– Instruct music including child music (Orff), singing and playing in three main classic European, Iranian and Azerbaijani music for all the age groups
– Create secure, joyful and calm environment to learn music
– Provide spiritual environment to share the students experiences with each other
– Perpetual evaluate and supervision on the academy and students’ performance to continuously improve
– Hold workshop concerts to improve students’ motivation and self-esteem and make an opportunity to present capabilities and competencies obtained by the students during their the instruction and prepare process to hold great concerts